Special Offer Inventory Clerk Training Products

Our special offer includes both ‘Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks’ and ‘Inventory Template Pro’ for the limited time price of £19.99.
Save £19.99 compared with buying the two products seperately.

With our special offer package you will have the resouces to self-train to efficently carry out inventory inspections and compile professional quality reports. Amazing low entry cost to see if the residential property lettings sector is for you or to develop your exisitng skills.

Please check out our start an inventory clerk business and potential earnings guide.

Active inventories inventory clerk training Special offer bundle

Amazing Value £19.99

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Our current best value limited time offer of ‘Both Products For The Price Of One’. includes both ‘Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks’ and ‘Inventory Template Pro’ for the limited time price of £19.99. You can save £19.99 compared with buying each product seperately.

If you have a smart phone for taking images and voice recording, pen & paper, a computer, ‘Microsoft Word’® and our special offer products, ‘Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks’ and ‘Inventory Template Pro’, you will have what you need to get started carrying out residential rental property sector inventories.

Our special offer products offer a low cost solution for those wishing to self train to carry out inventory services in the residential property rental industry sector or start their own full or part time inventory clerk services business or for landlords, letting agents and property managers carrying out or arranging their own inventory services.


After your purchase via Paypal when you click the ‘Buy Now’ button on this page we will receive your order and prepare the special offer bundle of products. We will send your purchased products to you by email attachment within 24 hours to the email adddress you used when making your purchase via Paypal.

Included files in our Special Offer bundle.

  • Practical Techniques For Inventory Clerks read only e-book.
  • Inventory Template Pro.
  • Inventory Template Pro detailed instructions on how to use the template.
  • A completed sample inventory compiled using Inventory Template Pro.

Thank you for considering our products.

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